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 true akuma

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PostSubject: true akuma   Wed Nov 14, 2007 4:41 pm

alright. heres how we do it.

Akuma basics-
1. Stay in air as much as u can.
2. Hadoken and use his flying kick to shin warp *makes u almost invincible*
3. Try to stay behind your apponent and anticipate when he will special.
4. Don't hyperjump too much.
Akuma Combos-
1. Level 3, 3 tenmas.
2. Level 3, shin warp to rd.
3. lvl 3, tenma to explosion to uppercuts - if done right it makes an instant kill
Vip Akuma Combos-
1. Level 1, shin warp to rd.
2. lvl 2, tenma to lightning kick.
3. lvl 2, shin warp to lvl 2 rd.
4. lvl 2, tenma to rd.
5. lvl 3, tenma to lvl 2 rd.
6. lvl 3, tenma to lightning kick to uppercuts.

Make sure you're vindicated. These are simple combos. Not my personal ones. As for fighting against characters this what you do.

Ryu - Quite simple. Just hadoken to kick to shin warp, stay behind him, and tenma him when ur high in the air while hes doing a super.

Ken - easy... same with ryu. tenma whenever tho.

Chun Li - hadoken spam her. use lightning kick.

Bison - just tenma him and stay away from him.

Akuma - ya know what to do.

Spiderman - rd or explosion. you choose.

Ironman - stay high, hadoken spam, and tenma high.

Juggernaut - shin warp past, uppercut him up close, tenma from far. rd is fine too.

Sentinel - shin warp, uppercut spam or dragon kick spam. use rd's, uppercuts, or explosion.

Sakura - stay low, if you move enough from side to side on the ground she wont get ya, rd her or use explosion.

Cyclops - tenma him or rd him. shin warp to get past beams.

Wolverine - hes easy. just stay above him and rd him, explosion, or uppercut him.

Onslaught - dragon kick him. uppercut for specials.
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true akuma
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