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PostSubject: Wolvie   Tue Oct 16, 2007 2:02 pm

Wolverine vs. Ryu
at times they can be tricky, moving around like monkeys, and they can be cheap, throwing hadoukens over and over. Some of his hits can cancel out Logan?s attacks, so you can either keep doing them until he is caught in one or do behind the back attacks by performing charging slash long and giving him a little time to turn around to attack ryu. The tornado kick is easy to stop, simple slash or drill claw, but be aware of sudden hits from out of nowhere because of lag, especially when they appear right behind you with a shinku hadouken. the trick is to stay on ryu, dont let him get any distance.

Wolverine vs. Ken
Ken is more of a close ranged character because of his attacks and supers, putting up a challenge for wolverine. but some users will still be cheap with his hadoukens, so be extra careful cause he is different from ryu. The Shippu-Jinrai-Kyaku is one of ken dangerous moves(until weapon X arrives with wolverine), so try to stay on him and don?t give him too much air or he will beat you down.

Wolverine vs. Akuma
Ashura warp and tenma gou-zankuu are the best ways to beat you. Still becareful of behind the back projectile attacks. Alot of people will attemp the raging demon, even constantly. but it doesn?t do much damage to logan unless your half way injured or in danger. You can stop it by doing drill claw X quickly before akuma grabs to stop him cold, better have lvl 2 or higher and when he got lvl 3, just stand around him and close. but akuma can be trickier than ryu, beware.

Wolverine vs. Sakura
Sakura isnt that tough at all, it just takes patience. Her Shouken(the dash attack) is pretty easy to avoid from hits. drill claw can cancel it out and charging slash can go through it. dont worry about her hadoukens if your not too close to her, because of its 45 degree angle into the air when she's on the ground. worry about her being in the air cause not only are some of her moves are related to akuma, but Shouken can be used as a teleport in the air. just stay on her with combos and drill claw and you'll own this match pretty quick. otherwise, her ariel advantage will own you.

Wolverine vs. Chun-li
This may be a bit hard but the trick is to keep her on the ground. Some chun-li users tend to be in the air and move like monkeys most of the times. then others are very good at launching out her projectiles constantly, but good chun li users alternate their tatics. Just do combinations moves and berserker barrage x to keep her down [berserker barrage x cannot counter the super lighting kick, watch out for that]. Be careful though, sometimes they are fast, sometimes they are not.

Wolverine vs. Cyclops
This is easy. It?s hard to use cyclops up-close since he?s more of a distance character. So perform the same tactics for ryu and dodging the optic blast should be easy, via charging slash long. Sometimes they might hit hard punch constantly so do drill claw over them and make em feel the pain.

Wolverine vs. Sentinel
For this big tin giant, stay close at all times. A skilled sent user knows to keep distance and attack up-close when the opportunity is available. The cheap users will continously do rocket punch and fire beam while staying in one corner, making it seem impossible to approach him, so you gotta know when to drill claw over all of that or the charging slash. Remember, rocket punch and sentinel force is the best tactic to keep you back.

Wolverine vs. Wolverine
Now for this, you want to make the first strike and show no mercy. Some wolverine users will try to mimic spiderman because of fear of facing other wolverine users on the ground, thinking they get a better advantage, but they wont. All they'll do is extend the match. Just move faster, mix up his moves, and stay on the ground to prove your the better wolverine user. Logan is very weak against his own attacks, so avoid most hits as possible too.

Wolverine vs. Spiderman
Logan is at a big disadvantage. Since he doesn?t have much of a chance in the air, drill claw and Ariel attacks are your best and only advantage, along with drill claw X, since most spidey user 'live' in the air with thier spiderkicks and webballs. One thing you have to look out for is when they webball you while your in the corner, theres no escape. Be careful of the maximum spider and spiderkick: it cancel out nearly anything! but don?t lose all hope, they have to come down sometime.

Wolverine vs Bison
Bison is different from other characters in the game. still, some users will try to cheat via doing his moves pyscho shot and field continuiosly. but his moves are relatively slow, so you'll gain an advantage in speed. but watch out though, psycho crusher is desvastating to wolverine. just do simple corner raping and you have this match over in no time.

Now the combinations:
-This one is teleportation techniques:
on the ground the best way to get to the other side of the screen is charging slash long [down, back, p3]. This is the best way to get pass beam attacks like optic blast and sent's fire beam. but to pass a projectile like hadouken or chun li's fireball, you should slide (twice, depending on your distance away) or super jump, drill claw, and come down with a high punch. The problem is a punch will cancel out the move and force wolverine back. So 8 out of 10 times, block while coming down and then attack. This is also an air teleportation maneuver and is the best offensive attack after a shinku-hadouken or mega optic blast is performed. Drill claw can also be used in the air to dogde another wolverine user. This maneuver is to be used wisely or you wont have much of a chance getting close to the opponent. Note: unfortunately, drill claw has been limited and takes away a 3rd of your hyper bar, so watch what you do.

-Hit med punch as many times as you want and finish with a high punch.

-Hit mid kick twice, lunging kick, high punch while still down, and berserker barrage [or berserker barrage x].

-Perform lunging kick, high punch while still down, and berserker barrage.

-Perform lunging kick, slide, and berserker barrage [or berserker barrage x].

-At lvl 2 or higher, mix berserker barrage X and drill claw X together to inflict more damage

-Perform lunging kick then charging slash long, sometimes they will get cornered after that.

-Perform slide claw, and then cancel it into berserker barrage X.

-While jumping up and forward, hit p2 and then drill clawbefore dropping to the ground.

-This maneuver requires you to launch the opponent into the air when in the corner: press k3 two times, super jump up, press k3 again, then p3, drill claw, charging slash long and berserker barrage[or BBX].

-This requires the assistants of dr. doom and lvl 2 or higher: call out doom then IMMEDIATELY do berserker barrage x. now if you do berserker barrage x twice, damage will be greater up to 40-50 hits thanks to doom. Note: this might work better in the corner cause doom's rocks tends to send them flying away.

-Perform slide claw, berserker slash short (down, back, lp) drill claw x, then berserker barrage x

There ya go. love to make up sum better areial combos if i had the right super moves.

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