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PostSubject: KeN   Tue Oct 16, 2007 2:01 pm

Ken Vs. Ryu
While fighting a Ryu user try too Stay as close as possible without getting hit when you do hadokens make sure you go high enough in the air so that you cant be hit by his supers when he does a super on the ground and ur in the air and cant dodge if your high enough above the super just continue doing hadokens until the super is over if you dodge their super by using a super jump as soon as you land make sure you do your super and it will do massive damage too the ryu user ....*hint: all except for dark ken's super moves are close range*

Ken Vs. Akuma
Akumas move too watch out for is the Raging Demon especially when fighting a shin akuma so you must not waste your helpers when you see that your opponent is about too use a shinku hadoken you immediately super jump behind them and use the shiryuken this will do massive damage too Akuma just like it does too Ryu...

Ken Vs. Wolverine
Well this is kind of an easy accomplishment just do alot of projectiles and dont let them trap you in the corner and strike with a super at the right time because they can block it causing it too do nothing too their health bar...

Ken Vs. Sentinel
It depends on the Sentinel User and how they move around because some sentinel users are quite tricky too catch but other then that this will be a sinch...Just stay close and do alot of kicks never try and use projectiles against a sentinel user because they will use rocket punch which goes right through projectiles..When you have the chance hit Sentinel with any super you can because they all hurt him pretty badly..Plus he is very easy to trap in the corners..

Ken Vs. Chun li
Well this willbe kind of hard why because chun li's supers are hard to dodge try using alot of projectiles because it is hard for a chunli user too counter watch out for their specials and when they have levels try too stay away from them and after they use their specials get near them and do yours..Try too keep your distance from the chunli user unless you have levels too use a super..

Ken Vs. Cyclops
Well cyclop users only have ground supers so if they are always in the air go under them while they try too use the optic blast too stay up and use the shinryuken this will do alot of damage and make them come down giving you the oppurtunity for another super another good move too use on them is the shippu-Jinrai kyaku because it can go right through there optic blasts while there on the ground and do alot of damage too them if they dont dodge it fast enough..Plus if you have more then 1 level too ur hyper bar you can use the shippu-Jinrai kyaku then the shinryuken and do extra damage too the cyclops user especially if they are not blocking...

Ken Vs. Spiderman
Well this is pretty hard too accomplish since spiderman users can stay in the air along time but an easy way too catch them is do the Shinryuken while they are trying to do the flying kick and it will hit them because they will fly right into it do alot of the dragon punches because it will hit them while they are trying too fly around...It is almost impossible too stay close too them because of their flying kick but if you can get close then do so and hit them with a super any chance you get and also do alot of hadokens...

Ken Vs. Onslaught
helper(s):guile,anything helper after that
Well just stay close to onslaught and use helpers and use the shinryuken while your guile has it trapped in the corner but keep in mind that they can still use hulk which will knock you out the air so you might want to reserve 1 or 2 helpers for when they run out and that will be a sure victory..

Ken Vs. Bison
helper(s):Any will do..
Well this can be quite easy too accomplish seeing as how his projectiles are very slow stay close too them until they get a super then move away.Try too hit them with flurries of hadokens too keep them from doing their supers..This is an easy fight so you shouldnt have too worry too much...

Ken Vs. Ken
helpers:guile,hulk,juggernaut,captain america,cammy
In a Ken Vs. Ken fight you should try too stay in the air as much as you can and follow all of your opponents moves and you must anticipate when your opponent will do a super if they are using a Shinryuken make sure you get away from them as fast as possible...As for the Shippu Jinkai Kyaku as soon as you see them coming at you with this super use a Shinryuken and it should catch them if you did it fast enough...As for the Shoryureppa use the same strategy as the Shippu Jinkai Kyaku and use the ShinryuKen at the right time which will easily catch the Ken user that is using the Shoryureppa super...

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