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PostSubject: BiSoN   Tue Oct 16, 2007 2:00 pm

Bison Vs Bison:
Lets see this is pretty much kind of like a chun fight but will not last as long you must anticipate where the other will move I suggest you use lost of kicks and psycho fields during the fight keep kicking and stay on your opponent but watch out...make sure to back off when you see there meter going up I know I didnt mention this at the top but this is one of the most important things when using bison you MUST!!! master the hyper jump. When ever you opponent is cornered in the edge of the screen super jump behind him but dont land what I do is super jump to the back connect perfectly with one kick in mid ai followed by and hyper psycho field while above the other opponents bison. And when he tries to get away just keep going towards him kicking and if so use an psycho crusher to chase him down this move is very hard to dodge and does lots of damage.

Bison Vs Spidy:
OMG!!! I Hate these kinds of matches are probably the most frustrating ok.
We all know every spidy user loves theor little web blast in the air followed by the spidy kick in order to get around this you will have to know where and when to teleport and I mean KNOW!!! or else your doomed.when they spidy kick teleport behind them and keep kicking toward them and when you feel its the right time hyper psycho crush them and it should connect. Lets see when they try to maximum spider you make sure your in the corner and when they dive down to get you jump straight up and hyper psycho crusher them. During a web sting try to get behind the opponent for a psycho crusher anyway you can wiether it be a super jump or teleportit will most likely connect for big damage. Are if you a vip just kill the damn thing with an rd to not waste any time.

Bison vs Ryu:
This is where your true bison skills will be tested if someone is really good with ryu. When dealing with ryu destroy his hadoukens with lost of psycho fields wile doing that jump back at the beggining of the match continuely kicking this will quickly build up your gauge what you wanna do is wait till the ryu user gets in the corner then super jump to his side and hurry up and use a psycho crusher following the psycho crusher deliver 3 scissor kicks. then back off and do kicks with psycho fields again. But also rememebr to anticipate the hyper hadoukens when somene fires one at me I super jump over it and either do three things hyper psycho field( which can be a real big mistake against a laggy ryu user) Psycho crusher which I prefer you do the most of in ther match or either scissor kick em and then psycho crusher for a better chance at connecting.

Bison Vs Sentinal:
Ima keep this real simple keep kicking and throwing psycho shots and fields, trip him every once in a while to give you some time for a special, your gonna wanna super jump to get in the pack of him for a psycho crusher, and when headed twards him keep kicking then at some point stop in mid air deliver a hyper psycho with 3 scissor kicks.

Bison vs Wolvy:
STAY AWAY FROM THE CLAWS!!!! (I repeat) STAY AWAY FROM THE CLAWS!!!! all you wan to do with wolvy is psycho shots and fields lot of scissors kicks when possible and in the corner teleport to gte out the way of his claws. now when he tried the drill claw from gorund zero just jump straight up and deliver a hyper psycho field same with the barrage. also try to scissor kick and follow up with ground-zero psycho crushers alot. and you should be find.

I pretty much treat him like wolv..

Bison vs Ken:
Try to Stay behind ken as much as possible to dmaage him because he likes to throw hadoukends from the air and ground which can be deadly. aslo dont say close to him very much he is deadly at close range. I would super jump behind him deliver a psycho crusher and follow up with scissor kicks or a hyper field. Keep kicking as well and when ken goes for the little combo dash move just jump straight up and hyper field him for alot of damage, same with the shoryu reppa.

Bison vs Sakura:
I'd say The method for ken pretty much go for akuma and sakura because those 3 fight alike but with akuma and sakura since they shoot multiple projectiles from a above which covers the screen try to use a helper if possible to diestract them and psycho crusher them are hyper psycho is they are low enough to the ground.

Bison vs Chun-Li:
Do Nothing but Psycho Shots and field to bring her donwbison is a little quicker then her in a way try to teleport behind her and psycho crusher her every chance you get. and if a vip tries the spin move let them suck you in if you have a special then jump and in mid air while hovering over the whhirlwind kick do a hyper psycho field to do alot of damage scissor kick when you feel it is right as well.

Good Helpers for Bison:(Personal Favorite)
Switch Lady

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