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PostSubject: AkuMa   Tue Oct 16, 2007 1:55 pm

well i like using akuma he is one of the best shoto in the world of sfo

stragies:well it good for akuma user to stay moslty in the air and do hadoken (or whatever akuma fire ball is called) and try to do your supers at level 2 not one in cause you really need it later in the fight

akuma vs ryu:
well this is one of the hardest fight, ryu vs akuma. ryu user like doing hadoken in the air because they know that akuma user like the air and his most powerful super is done in the air (except raging demon) so try doing more hadoken on the ground then the air and do super jump and get behinde them to do your arial super. and it good if you save one or more helper so if the ryu user runs out of helper you can use the helper and try the raging demon.

akuma vs wolverine
this is one of the easy fight for akuma users because wolver?ne has no move to start the raging demon and you can just warp right throught wolver?ne if he trys to get you in the corner or use a helper your choose. and the land super is very super effect vs wolver?ne users that are allways on the attack, but it good to to try the raging demon if you are in tight spots.

akuma vs chunlee:
well this is kind of trick-he they are allways jumping around the place.all you have to do is time them when they are coming out the air and do the arial super. but you have to keep your distance from chunlee users they always try to get in range to do your super (the big ball one). try to save your helper when you really need them in this cases.

akuma vs sential:
well this is kind of easy try to get close to them and to high kick and if you get with rocket punch try to warp to them the only move that can hit you out of the warp is sential force.mostly stay close and try to get them in a corner and try to the arial super and land your choose.

akuma vs ken:
stay your distance like chunlee ken has strong close range just. just to the arail super and warp to stay out of the corner and watch how close you stay with ken users when they have a level in there bags.

akuma vs sp?derman:
this is hard,sp?derman users like the air alot and super kick that make them really trick, if you plan to raging demon try to do it when they are in the air about to do super jump that should work if they don't use a helper or lag happens but stay close don't give them a chance to move about alot.

akuma vs cycople:
well just stay close and do hadoken and remeber cycople can only do super on the ground so when it look like they are going to come out of the air and do a super you just do the airal super. mostly cycoples use stay in the air and get level. you should do the same thing but on the ground and try to do raging demon when there busy geting level in the air. but if they are land lover it good if you stay close and do hadoken and do arail super.

akuma vs bison:
this is kind of like chunlee and ken fight. bison have close range move and move that come at you iy good if you stay in the air and do hadoken and save up to the arial super and watch them careful and bison teleport move can get you some time so watch out.

just stay close do hadoken and do land or arial super any one of your choose do varble (if you playing tag game, sure way to win) and save helper because onslaught move are really strong.

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