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 AkUmA TeChNiQuEz*

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PostSubject: AkUmA TeChNiQuEz*   Sun Oct 07, 2007 2:50 am

Az We All noe Akuma iz a more offensive charecter than a defensive charecter so with that said to evolve a simple basic Yet Helpful Technique
Iz Alwaiiz WiSe*


AlWaiiz RemAin BouNd 2 hadukenz Thus They Fill EnerGy BarZ Quite Rapidly And Alwaiiz KeEp To a CoRnEr OR StrAy FowArd TowArds The Oponent And CommenCe With Rapid Hadukens And uppercuts forcing your oponent to be Submurged in Attack*


Commence With VariAblEz And DuBle TeAm SuPer'z To DrAin Life Barz Rapidly*
Determine Your SpeEd Submurge In Air AttAkz An AlwAiz AtTak From A AnGlE And Do Fly KiKz FoLLowd By HAdukenz FollowD By AiR AttAkz
A MindFul TechniQue To Go By*

Step 3*

Go With The Basikz Of Evil Ryu Similar Type of Techniquez Evolved thus akuma alwaiiz Strikez Fast And ShArp Hes AcCurAcy IS GrEat So Remember Akumaz a GreaT SfO wArriOR

I hOpe DiZ HeLpz


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Evil Admin
Evil Admin

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PostSubject: Re: AkUmA TeChNiQuEz*   Sat Oct 13, 2007 12:30 am

Nice tips I guess but you posted it on wrong forum i'll move it for ya.
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AkUmA TeChNiQuEz*
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